Saturday, 29 June 2013

To write or not to write...

I started this blog with the very real intention of writing about all the things that make me happy. This was primarily as a result of my depression and ultimate need to focus of the positive and happy things in my life. It would keep my mind on the straight and narrow while giving me a sanctuary to come to should I feel the need of a boost.

But I promised I wouldn't talk about depression. And there lies my ultimate problem.

At this point in my life, depression doesn't define me but it really does touch everything to do with me, what I do and how I think. The fact of the matter is that depression is a massive part of my life.

That's not necessarily a good thing but I wouldn't be where I am today (or starting a blog about happy things) if I didn't have the need to get myself better. Basically, you can't appreciate the highs if you haven't experienced the lows.

Going back to the quote in my first post, if I put depression to the side and never discuss it then it's simply a stumbling block I'm moving to the side. Instead, I want to deal with it, understand how it affects me and learn to make this all a stepping stone.

For me, that means I need to talk about it.

I'm still hoping that this blog will be a place of happy and as time goes on, perhaps depression won't even feature in what I have to say. Until then, I have decided that this is my blog and I'm going to use it, too, as a stepping stone to being well.

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  1. If you had a broken leg you'd talk about it so why not talk about depression? Makes total sense to me. :o)


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