Friday, 23 August 2013

Keeping Busy...

Tomorrow I have a date and, as is to be expected, I'm a little bit nervous about it.

Hell, this is me - I'm very nervous about it!!

So, in order to counteract the nerves, I decided to try and fit as much into today as possible.

It started with a morning trip to the garden centre for scones. Since I hadn't had breakfast in anticipation of a big snack (and because I didn't get up in enough time to actually grab something before heading out the door!), I had a cinnamon scone stuffed full of fresh, whipped cream and jam. To go along with that, I chose a strawberry frappe again with a mountain of fresh, whipped cream and dozens of mini marshmallows! Delish!

As is my usual behaviour, I next went in search of the 'Dead and Dying Plants' section. I wouldn't normally count myself as a 'saver' but there is something about the plants that even the garden centres have written off, that makes me want to buy them all up. I have plenty in my garden that are thriving, many years after being liberated from the plant mortuary. Plus, as everyone knows, I love me a bargain and, at usually £1 a go, these plants are definitely a bargain.

Today there weren't too many plants on offer - perhaps it's that time of year. I ended up with another herb for my newly planted herb patch and a pretty red berry shrub which I can't recall the name of, but it's going to look lovely in the garden through the winter months.

Next on the list was a very quick lunch at mum and dad's before my sis and I took her dog, Molly the Molificent, up to get her toenails trimmed. All I can remember from that trip was that the dog is cray-zay. My thighs are bruised beyond belief from her jumping on me in the car - numerous times. I didn't come off the worst, though, as the dog groomer suffered a major gash in her arm when Molly was wriggling around! Oops!

I decided that I would have a go at making Blueberry Hand Pies next. I found the recipe on my beloved Pinterest courtesy of a blog called A Farmgirl's Dabbles. I had to Britify the recipe to make it work for me but, overall, what a great recipe. I'll post my conversions later on should any other Brits want to have a go but can't be bothered to work it all out themselves!

Did I mention that the pies were fab-u-lous?! I even had to take a quick drive round to my parents house while they were still warm just so that they could also delight in the loveliness of these hand pies still toasty from the oven. Mmmmmmm.

I then got stuck into my garden - cutting the grass and doing some major weeding, as well as planting my new plants. Or one of them at least! I got foiled by the rain half way through. I would have normally just stayed out and finished but, remembering I have a date tomorrow, I couldn't let my hair go all frizzy!!

I went for a quick walk after my tea (cream of chicken soup) and then settled down to movie night.

My film of choice this night was Footloose, but - shock horror - the 2011 version! I've never seen it before and since I adore the original film, I decided to buy it (another bargain at £3!) and give it a go.

My film review is that it's nowhere near as good as the original but how could it ever be? Apart from that, it's a very acceptable film and I can see the yoof of today really enjoying the updated story. I also (don't tell anyone) prefer the female lead in this newer version as I never could really get behind Lori Singer. They've changed the story slightly in some parts and, in others, kept so much the same that you really catch glimpses of the cast and characters of the original film. Most of the songs had also been modernised which worked in some versions, not so much in others. The dancing, as always, is fantastic, great to watch and makes me want to put my tap and ballet skills to better use!

One particular thing that I noticed was that this cast looked so much younger than in the 1984 version. I decided to do a quick experiment and was thoroughly shocked to find out that most of the actors were the same age, and, much older than the teenagers they are supposed to be portraying. So that boils down to one thing. I watched the 1984 version when I was a kid and therefore all the actors looked ANCIENT! Now, I'm an adult watching the 2011 version and thinking that people the same age as the ancient people were, now look like 12 year olds! That can only mean that I'm getting old! Eeek!

Well, must head off and get some beauty sleep. I'll add the pictures tomorrow.

Sweet dreams.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The next step...

I had another great day off, today.

My mum and I went shopping where she forced me to buy some bargains - and I do love a good bargain. Among others I got a pair of heels for only £3.50. That's only £1.75 a shoe!

After this, we headed to our local Chinese Buffet restaurant to partake in a deliciously sumptuous lunch. There's definitely something about this place that I really enjoy. You go in, sit down, order your drink and then you can immediately start loading your plate. My favourite has to be the chicken balls but I do love that I can try lots of different things without committing to a full meal of only one thing.

As usual, I ate too much but the food was delicious and the company even better.

It was then my turn to force mum to continue with the shopping and we went to a couple of shops up at the other end of town where there was a sale on! Yay!

A few pennies lighter, I came away with some lovely things including a lovely set of 'lounge wear'. I do love casual clothes and even more so when the weather is changing as it currently is with us. Despite the warm weather today, the nights are fair drawing in and you can definitely detect a slight nip that signals the coming autumn. With that change comes all the autumn and winter gear appearing in the shops. While I've yet to see any hats and gloves - I have seen plenty of cosy cardigans, fuzzy boots and big comfy socks.

I enjoyed the sun and the long nights but I do admit that I have a partiality for the chill of autumn and the crispness of winter. All the while being tucked up inside, ideally beside a roaring fire. But more on that another day.

My last task of the day was to take the next step of the new, daring me! I booked my first tattoo!

I've always wanted a tattoo but over the years I've managed to talk myself out of it by thinking too much. With the bravery of my piercings still trickling through me, I bit the bullet and booked myself in for Monday!

Rather than going for what I'd always assumed I would get (a small lion rampant or thistle on my hip), I fell in love with this little heart tattoo on the neck. I just couldn't decide what I wanted on my hip and, as my wise mum told me, if I didn't LOVE the tattoo, I shouldn't get it. So the heart tattoo will be my jumping off point. Starting small - I like that!

Tomorrow I'm attending a course that my psychologist booked me on about dealing with stress. It's not funny, but I'm quite anxious about going. I wonder if that's the first lesson - how not to get stressed when attending a stress course! Honestly!

To be fair, I really have seen an improvement in myself and I'm excited that I'm finally feeling like I might be on the right path. Long may it continue.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Do my ears deceive me?

I took the plunge today and did something that I'd been wanting to do since, well, Saturday.

I got my ears pierced again. Eek!

Seeing this image on Pinterest...

...really made me think. Not only do I love the saying beneath, I also adore the girl's style.

The saying itself just made me realise that there are so many things that I want to try with my own style. Things that I have never had the courage to do because I fear what other people will say or think about me.

And writing that down makes me realise just how ridiculous it really is.

It's even more ridiculous that it's actually true.

So, I had the idea, and just decided to go for it.

I got two extra piercings in mt left ear and another one in my right and I just love them. It's given me the feeling that I get when I'm wearing kick-ass heels, have long nails or lots of jangly bracelets. Just that feeling of being in control of me. And of being a grown up! :)

The best bit of all was that after I got my piercings, I got given a lollipop! Yeah! Not only that, my big sister who'd come along for moral support (and to tell me that my ears had gone purple!), got one, too! Good times!

As my ears were being pierced, the lady was double checking which ear I wanted my third piercing in. When I told her that it was to be in the left ear she expressed her relief. "Your left ear is much bigger and flatter than your right one," I was told.

What? Could my earlobes really be that different? Could I really not have noticed all these years? Apparently the answer is yes. Good thing I've got my new earrings so that I don't panic about my misshapen earlobes and what people must think of them!

Happy Monday!

It's a lovely day here, not least because it's Monday and I'm on holiday!

I have a couple of things that I hope to achieve this week but, my main goal is to get my life together. That sounds like a monumental task but I really need to focus on myself, what I want from my life and how I hope to get there.

I'll keep you posted.
This is my delicious Monday breakfast of decaf coffee and a red onion and chive bagel! Yum!