Saturday, 27 July 2013

Movie Night

The first week is all but over and I have to say that I think I've done quite well with my resolutions.

Nothing major, and possibly nobody will notice a difference but, if that's not the point then I don't know what is!

The epic summer has continued and has even improved, if you ask me. Not only have we got scorching days but we've had some fantastic storms on top of that. "Why is that good?," you ask. Well, these last few days, with the fabulous heat, it's been taking me a good, long while to give all the plants, veggies and hanging baskets in the garden a nice, cool drink of water. With the torrential downpours, I'm saving myself some precious time in the evenings. As an added bonus, I get to listen to the rhythm of the raindrops as I fall off to sleep most nights. Bliss.

A couple of new things have ended up in my house this week. All bargains - naturally!

I got an adorable pair of pyjama bottoms that are very autumnal with cute little foxes. As well as all that, they were cheap at only £6 from a local supermarket. Bargain!

My second new thing is I got my new Sky box this week. It took a circuitous route to my house (I hate it when Royal Mail give my parcels to my icky neighbours who keep it hostage for an eternity) but it's here now. Still in the box, mind you, but here nonetheless.

And finally, I got a really cute pair of stripy espadrilles when I went to get my pizza for movie night. They are a peachy red colour and, more importantly, they only cost me £4 (or £2 per shoe)!

(Why is it that you don't use 'movy' for one film and 'movies' for two or more? I've never pondered that before!)

So, onto movie and pizza night. Molly is staying at her auntie's house tonight (that's me!) so we decided to get up to mischief have a pizza and movie night. I got a Hawaiian pizza and a movie that I found at the charity shop on Monday. Another bargain! We've just eaten some of the pizza and soon it's time to watch the movie. Bring on the romcom!

Have a great evening, everyone!

B x


  1. A lovely happy post. Who doesn't like a bargain? :o)

    I hope you didn't give Molly too much pizza!

  2. I think we both ate too much! Oops!


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