Monday, 21 October 2013

Two Exciting Things...

Two exciting things happened to me today - on a day that I didn't expect any excitement to be forthcoming.

You see, today was my first day back at work after a short spell of feeling under the weather. While under said weather, my MO consisted of trashy TV, comfy clothes and snuggling up on my couch from dawn until dusk (or 10am, when I dragged myself out of bed, until 9pm when I threw myself back in).

I'm sure you can appreciate why swapping the above for nagging bosses, condescending colleagues and sitting in the corner of my stuffy office all day, was a bit of a drama for me.

But, as I'm very lucky to have a job, I must now list three things I appreciate about work:

1. My chair swivels
2. I have shops just across the road. Cheap shops. My kind of shops.
3. Going to work allows me to buy things from these shops. And Amazon. And ebay.

However, anyone who has had to go back into work after an absence will agree that it is quite a traumatic experience. Actually being there is fine but the thought of going back in just ruins the day to start off with. Luckily, my first exciting thing managed to make me smile...

Have you ever had an email that says:
Remember that book you ordered months ago and completely forgot about - it's being delivered to you tomorrow.

No - neither have I. Until today!

But wait - it gets better!

My head starting churning into gear trying to figure out whether I have already spent my pennies for this month when the email went on:

Don't worry about paying for this book. When you bought it, you sensibly used a gift certificate so you owe us nothing.

Yay! What could be better? Nothing? Wrong. Then I read this:

Oh, and by the way, the book we're sending you is a Christmas Romance. The best type of book. Ever.

Happy days.

Didn't I tell you I love Amazon?!

My second exciting thing doesn't come close to topping the first one but I was pleased with it none the less.

I decided to use my trip to work to do a little housekeeping. *Shocking behaviour!* As part of my insurance, I get free credit card protection should I happen to misplace any of them. I just have to phone up and give them all the details and I'm good to go. 

I duly phoned the number and spoke to a nice lady on the other end.

Me: Can I please give you some card details for my credit card protection?
Nice Lady: Yes, of course. Are you adding new cards or amending old details?
Me: Adding new cards - I've never done this before so I won't have any cards on the system to amend.
Nice Lady:  *Silence* Well, there are three cards listed here so you must be a person of suspicious nature that is trying to filch money from some unsuspecting genuine customer. (Fine, she probably only thought the last part!)
Me: No, I've never done this before.
Suspicious Lady: Yes, you really have.
Me: Hmmm - are the cards there boring card 1, boring card 2 and crazy-exciting-let's-spend-money card?
Confused Lady: They are. You must have added them previously.
Me: Wow. I'm so organised. Go me!
Confused Lady: But you didn't remember about adding them you crazy thing. (She actually said that! No she didn't!)
Me: I may not have a memory but I am super efficient. I'm awesome!
Scared Lady: Alrighty, then, cheerio, nutter!
Me: Woo hoo! Cheerio!

So, despite being forced to go into work (apparently I signed a contract!), I managed to have a fairly nice day.

Perhaps they're just easing me back in gently. Tomorrow should be fun!

B x


  1. Books that are paid by a gift certificate - and are therefore FREE - are the best kind. Especially Christmas romances! Hurry up and finish it so I can read it! :oD

  2. A free Christmas romance - is there anything better? :)


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