Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New Year: The Plan for 2015

Happy New Year!

I love the new year. Not the actual celebration - I’m not a partying kind of gal, you see - but the promise of fresh starts, new chances and a clean slate to reinvent yourself into the person you’ve dreamed (dreamt?) of being. It’s the ultimate Monday start over!

In honour of this, I thought I would write down some small and fun resolutions that I’m hoping to do this year. First I thought I should write down 2014 small resolutions and then I realised:
  • That would be ridiculous!
  • Who has the time? Or the inclination?
  • How long would that blog post actually be?
  • If I was going to do that - it should be 2015 resolutions (day 2 and I’ve already forgotten which year we’re on!)
  • I would definitely fail miserably at even remembering them all, let alone completing them all!

365 is similarly too many, as is 100, so I’ve settled for 50. Not too many, not too few - just right.

Having had time to think about it, I’ve sensibly cut it down to 15. No sense in being overly ambitious! Or overly stupid! 100 - sheesh!

So here we go with my 15 resolutions:

  1. Like what I see in the mirror

  2. Commit to doing some things to kick my depression in the bahooky

  3. Eat good, tasty, nutritious meals and food

  4. Go on at least 5 dates

  5. Learn to love myself (it’s the greatest love of all!)

  6. Move myself into a shape that I feel good in

  7. Grow more of my own veggies

  8. Visit more historic houses and gardens

  9. Keep my job after November

  10. Find a great group of friends

  11. Blog more often

  12. Get that romance book written

  13. Spend more quality time with my family

  14. Get another tattoo

  15. Sew more of my own clothes

I know, I know - very few of these could be considered SMART objectives. Perhaps that’s why I like New Year’s resolutions so much - they can be as rigid or as airy fairy as you like. And I like me some airy fairy!

Some might say that you cannot truly measure your success if you don’t have specific, measurable goals yet after I've woken up, I see it differently. Why set yourself up to fail at something that is supposed to be a happy way to better yourself? Nah - I’d rather be able to look back at the end of 2015 and rate it as a success. And, by giving myself every chance to succeed - I’m already half way to completing my dreams for this year!

That sounds like a damn fine plan to me!

Now get to it, sister!


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