Tuesday, 22 March 2016

13 things I would tell my 13 year old self

I have been having a lull in my life of late - but what's new there? Although it seems that all I've done is read books and write reviews, I've barely been doing even that!

But thinking - boy do I ever do a lot of thinking!

And this morning, a thought popped into my head... if I could tell my 13 year old self any bits of advice (bar telling me anything that would change the course of history and have the timeline skew into an alternate dimension!), what advice would I give me? And would it make a difference to who I've become?

This is what I came up with:

1. Don’t worry that you haven’t kissed someone yet. Those girls that have are either lying or trying to make you jealous. Your first kiss will be under the moonlight and starlit sky of the Scottish highlands - and it will be, well, mediocre…but that’s the point. Honestly, take my word for it - being an adult is nothing to shout about - be a child for as long as you can be.

2. Keep wearing your glasses. For two reasons 1) you will become the poster child for the fact that if you wear your glasses when you’re a kid then you might not need to wear them when you’re older *coughs 15* 2) When you get to 33 - you’ll want to wear glasses because they’re cool (and probably because you need them but don't tell anyone!!!)

3. Don’t believe anyone that tells you your school days are the best days of your life. They’re really not!! Really, really, not!

4. Don’t try and break your ankle by dropping a brick on it just because you don’t want to go to school. It won’t work and you’ll have to go to school anyway but this time with a sore ankle. Also, put down the scissors - you’ll only get as far as to cut your finger and it will be bloody sore! Going to school will make you tough - I promise!

5. It’s okay to cry! Even tough people cry.

6. If your friends tell you that you’re being a ‘sheep’ because you like a popular band and that you should like what they like - ignore them. Think about it - if you do what they tell you to, you ARE a sheep. Like what you like and be proud of it. And, probably more importantly - these people are not your friends.

7. On that note, you're only stuck in the same class/year as these people because your parents had sex at the same time as each other (yeah - hate to break it to you - mum and dad had sex! Bleurgh!) - you won’t remember these kids' names once you hit 18. Be nice but don’t base your likes and feelings on what they say and think - they’re not worth it!

8. Don’t drink Coke near the computer - you might spill it and then you’ll have to run away from home. Or at least you’ll have to contemplate it. And I really don’t think you’d make it alone out on the big, bad streets of Inverness. Even in 1995 when no-one could get there except by open-topped carriage.

9. Take a deep breath and breathe in that cool, fresh air. Make the most of it. One day you’ll dream of the wide open sky, clean air and peace and quiet of the Highlands.

10. Try to hold on to the joy of not having responsibilities. I don’t know if it really was a safer time back in the day or if I was just innocent. Either way - make the most of it.

11. Believe in yourself and love yourself. Honestly, it will change your whole life!

12. Don’t tell anyone else but there will never be a need to do long division without a calculator. Never! Pass the exam and then forget it and don't sweat it.

13. Enjoy yourself, be good and honestly, everything’s going to be alright!


  1. Your mum and dad might have had sex but we only did it twice. Granny and Grandad did it 3 times! :oD

  2. Oh - this is so untrue. Bleurgh!

    Another note to my 13 year old self: In 2016 there will be a thing called the internet. Don't post something called '13 thing to tell my 13 year old self'. It will lead to years of therapy and unwanted thoughts!! ;)


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