About Me

Hello! I’m Jo - a blogger and writer gal born, raised and living in sunny Scotland.

I love, love, love to eat - especially all the things that are bad for the waist line and good for the soul. Cupcakes, chocolate, sweets, cheese, cream, puddings - it’s a ‘yes, please’ to all from me.

My happy place is tucked up on my couch (or in my bed) with a romance novel, a cup of tea, some chocolate and my pup, Tilly Puff. One day I hope that someone else will be tucked up reading one of my books - I just need to step away from Pinterest and actually get writing.

It will come as no great surprise, I’m sure, that I am a bona fide introvert. I prefer being in my cosy, wee home surrounded by my books and my trusty laptop. Sky-diving doesn’t scare me (not that I’ve done it!) but tell me to make small talk with folk I don’t know and I will crumble!

I am battling depression - a battle I very much plan to win - and as such like to surround myself with pretty, interesting and fun things (and people) and remove myself from any negativity, grumping, bullying and mean behaviour. Life is too short to be miserable, people! I also have Ulcerative Colitis and have no filter when it comes to talking about poop, bowels and farts. Lovely.

I credit my addition to crime programmes  - especially Snapped! Women Who Kill - as the reason why I’m currently single. I used to be a huge feardy gowk about such things but my curiosity overcame my good sense and now I’m hooked, scaring off men for good, I fear! Well, when you start conversations with “you know, I reckon I could commit murder and get away with it…”, it doesn’t scream of long term commitment! Scream may have been a poor choice of words there.

My most recent obsession, ahem, interest, is with the series Outlander. If you think that I have any other hobbies anymore then you're very much mistaken. Apologies to anyone who follows me on Twitter or Pinterest since you've pretty much been constantly bombarded with Outlander stuff since I first laid eyes on it.

Anyway, if you can’t find me doing any of the above, I’ll likely be found pottering about in my garden, writing my own HEA, baking delicious things, getting annoyed about the use of ‘text speak’, sewing my own clothes, crafting, taking the dog for long walks or cozied up in front of the telly watching movies after a long day.

My special talents include finding the filthy in the most innocent of things, laughing uproariously at silly stuff, buying perfect presents for people, writing lists and being able to sit in front of YouTube for hour upon hour watching proposals, army homecomings and people getting puppies for Christmas. I also make a mean lasagne and have an unusual knack for remembering the words of songs (and singing them in the car whether there are others there or not)!

This blog is my own little space on the ‘net - a peek into my own little world. I hope you enjoy your visit here and feel free to browse until your heart’s content.