Monday, 19 August 2013

Do my ears deceive me?

I took the plunge today and did something that I'd been wanting to do since, well, Saturday.

I got my ears pierced again. Eek!

Seeing this image on Pinterest...

...really made me think. Not only do I love the saying beneath, I also adore the girl's style.

The saying itself just made me realise that there are so many things that I want to try with my own style. Things that I have never had the courage to do because I fear what other people will say or think about me.

And writing that down makes me realise just how ridiculous it really is.

It's even more ridiculous that it's actually true.

So, I had the idea, and just decided to go for it.

I got two extra piercings in mt left ear and another one in my right and I just love them. It's given me the feeling that I get when I'm wearing kick-ass heels, have long nails or lots of jangly bracelets. Just that feeling of being in control of me. And of being a grown up! :)

The best bit of all was that after I got my piercings, I got given a lollipop! Yeah! Not only that, my big sister who'd come along for moral support (and to tell me that my ears had gone purple!), got one, too! Good times!

As my ears were being pierced, the lady was double checking which ear I wanted my third piercing in. When I told her that it was to be in the left ear she expressed her relief. "Your left ear is much bigger and flatter than your right one," I was told.

What? Could my earlobes really be that different? Could I really not have noticed all these years? Apparently the answer is yes. Good thing I've got my new earrings so that I don't panic about my misshapen earlobes and what people must think of them!


  1. I think your new piercings are fab. And go you for just getting it done! What's next?


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