Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The next step...

I had another great day off, today.

My mum and I went shopping where she forced me to buy some bargains - and I do love a good bargain. Among others I got a pair of heels for only £3.50. That's only £1.75 a shoe!

After this, we headed to our local Chinese Buffet restaurant to partake in a deliciously sumptuous lunch. There's definitely something about this place that I really enjoy. You go in, sit down, order your drink and then you can immediately start loading your plate. My favourite has to be the chicken balls but I do love that I can try lots of different things without committing to a full meal of only one thing.

As usual, I ate too much but the food was delicious and the company even better.

It was then my turn to force mum to continue with the shopping and we went to a couple of shops up at the other end of town where there was a sale on! Yay!

A few pennies lighter, I came away with some lovely things including a lovely set of 'lounge wear'. I do love casual clothes and even more so when the weather is changing as it currently is with us. Despite the warm weather today, the nights are fair drawing in and you can definitely detect a slight nip that signals the coming autumn. With that change comes all the autumn and winter gear appearing in the shops. While I've yet to see any hats and gloves - I have seen plenty of cosy cardigans, fuzzy boots and big comfy socks.

I enjoyed the sun and the long nights but I do admit that I have a partiality for the chill of autumn and the crispness of winter. All the while being tucked up inside, ideally beside a roaring fire. But more on that another day.

My last task of the day was to take the next step of the new, daring me! I booked my first tattoo!

I've always wanted a tattoo but over the years I've managed to talk myself out of it by thinking too much. With the bravery of my piercings still trickling through me, I bit the bullet and booked myself in for Monday!

Rather than going for what I'd always assumed I would get (a small lion rampant or thistle on my hip), I fell in love with this little heart tattoo on the neck. I just couldn't decide what I wanted on my hip and, as my wise mum told me, if I didn't LOVE the tattoo, I shouldn't get it. So the heart tattoo will be my jumping off point. Starting small - I like that!

Tomorrow I'm attending a course that my psychologist booked me on about dealing with stress. It's not funny, but I'm quite anxious about going. I wonder if that's the first lesson - how not to get stressed when attending a stress course! Honestly!

To be fair, I really have seen an improvement in myself and I'm excited that I'm finally feeling like I might be on the right path. Long may it continue.

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  1. I LOVE the wee heart tattoo. The lunch was amazing - as was the company. And spending money is always fun! :o)


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