Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Happy Hilaria!

I'm not a fan of April Fools' Day.

I like a laugh as much as the next person but I don't like the minefield of a day (or half a day as I always understood that you weren't allowed to trick people after 12noon) designed to make you look like a dafty. I don't need any external help to make me look daft, thank you very much! And in any case, any other day where you lied on mass to people wouldn't go down too well, methinks! (I might try it - just to see!)

So, in an attempt to discredit this ridiculous practice, I had to have a wee look and see why we try and outsmart each other on this particular day in the year. Are there any redeeming qualities?

Apparently, April Fools' Day is a derivation of a Roman festival based on a Greek festival that celebrates Cybele, the mother of the Gods.

This girl knew how to party, it would seem.

Having looked at the origins of the festival as a whole, despite disliking being made a fool of, I'm quite glad that the only day of this festival we chose to replicate was All Fools' Day.

The days of the festival seem to have been as follows:

The Day of the Reed - The start of a 9 day period of abstinence from bread, pomegranates, quinces, pork, fish and any drink that was not milk. I'm not mad at this - I could cope without quinces for 9 days!

The Day of the Tree - A tree is chopped down and paraded through the town. Not particularly exciting but I'm still on board with this festival, so far.

The Day of Mourning - Time to be sad, unfortunately. Hmmm.

The Day of Blood - Mass scourging, whipping and castration. The chopped down tree is buried. Good times in ancient Rome and we've possibly also found the origin of the phrase "well that escalated quickly!"

The Day of Joy - Happy April Fools' Day y'all. You've just been scourged, whipped and castrated and you can't get a pomegranate for love nor money - why aren't you happy?

The Day of Rest - It's been a busy week what with mourning, castration and partying until dawn on nothing but milk - you deserve a break!

The Day of Washing - The above can be a messy business so get to washing.

The Ceremonial Day - Thank the Gods it's all over for another year!

So, I now decide that April Fools' Day isn't such a bad thing after all. I'll take looking like a muppet over drinking milk and scourging any day!

I still think that I'll start calling it Hilaria though - it has a much more sophisticated ring to it and maybe it won't make me so grumpy next year!

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  1. After reading all that, April Fool's Day does seem kinda tame - thankfully! :oD


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