Saturday, 19 April 2014

Brit Wish List

I read an article the other day that listed the top 50 British things to do before you die. I was intrigued by this and wanted to find out which I had already done, which I wanted to do and which I had absolutely no interest in doing whatsoever.

So here we go:

1. Eat fish and chips on a seaside pier - Done this!

2. See whales off Wales - Not really sure why I'd want to but I'm not against it!

3. Go to a night at the proms at the Albert Hall - this would be fun. Wave those flags!

4. Visit the Giant's Causeway, N.Ireland - I'd like to do this.

5. Have a picnic at an open air concert - This would be fun (only in the summer, though!)

6. Go up in the London Eye - yeah, would like to do this.

7. Travel Scotland's West Coast by rail - Em, I suppose this would be fun.

8. Watch a Shakespeare play in Stratford - Again, not against it but have no huge desire to do so.

9. Dine in a Gordon Ramsay restaurant - Good God - no thanks.

10. Go to a British Grand Prix - Again, not my thing.

11. See inside the Houses of Parliament - Yes, I'd like to do this, please.

12. Get the Ffestiniog railway up Snowdon - Wouldn't say no but not in any great rush to do this.

13. Go to Glastonbury Festival - I've been to T in the Park and that was enough for me.

14. Hold the FA Cup in your hands - Why?

15. Take in the view from the top of the Shard - Is this taller than the Eye?

16. Stonehenge on longest day of the year - This would be fun minus all the other people that are bound to be there!


17. See the trooping of the colour - I've seen it in Canada and on the telly. I'm satisfied with that.

18. Go to a cricket test match - You're having a laugh, right?

19. 'The Prisoner' village Portmeirion, Wales - I suppose this might be fun.

20. Have tea at Betty's tearooms, Harrogate - I've been there but the queue was massive. Seeing it was good enough for me.

21. See a traditional Christmas panto - This shouldn't be on a bucket list. Who hasn't done this?

22. Watch a British player at Wimbledon - Just going to Wimbledon would be enough for me.

23. Do a 'Wainwright' walk in the Lake District - Hmmm - aren't they really challenging?

24. Drive round Brand's Hatch - No thanks.

25. Visit a whisky distillery - Done, dusted and tasted the booze.

26. Go to a six nations rugby match - Done this too many times to count. Tick.

27. A Jack the Ripper walk in the East End - I think I would be too scared to do this, I'm afraid.

28. Have a pint in the Rover's Return - Nah.

29. See Lake Windermere by boat - Seen it but not by boat. If the opportunity arose then I probably wouldn't say no.

30. Go on a historic London pub tour - Might be fun but since I'm not a big drinker it might be lost on me.

31. Experience the Notting Hill Carnival - Each to their own. This isn't really my kind of thing. People - urgh!

32. Try a deep fried Mars Bar - You have no idea how much I want to try this.

33. Hogmanay Fireball ceremony in Stonehaven - This would be amazing!

34. Sail round the Isle of Wight - I wouldn't say no but wouldn't be sad if I couldn't do it.

35. Attend Grand National horse race - I'm good, thanks.

36. Go to a World Darts Final - Ha ha ha - no!

37. A selfie at John O'Groats and Land's End - This is interesting but seems like a lot of work!

38. Take a ferry across the Mersey - Oh, I wouldn't stop singing and someone would probably chuck me in the river!

39. Climb Ben Nevis - No thank you.

40. See Tower Bridge raised - This would be fun and something to talk about.

41. Visit Borough food market, London - Sure, I'm not averse to this if the opportunity arose.

42. Eat Haggis on Burns Night, in Scotland - Done this too many times to count.

43. See Morris Dancers at a country pub - I don't think I would be able to stop laughing but it would be nice from a cultural stand point.

44. See Oxford Street Christmas Lights - Christmas lights anywhere are always welcomed.

45. Be at a recording of X-Factor or BGT - No, just no.

46. See Blackpool Illuminations - Would be good to say I'd been there at least once.

47. Watch a boxset of Only Fools and Horses - I've seen the Batman and Robin episode and that suits me just fine.

48. Witness Oxford/Cambridge boat race - Having seen the last one on the telly, this might actually be a fun day out.

49. Attend first day of Harrods sale - Oh the horror.

50. Watch London Marathon live - Run the marathon. Yeah!


  1. Interesting list. I wonder who made it up - and why?

  2. Brits are a strange lot. Perhaps 'make a list of things for British people to do' was number 51!!


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