Thursday, 15 May 2014

31 Things for 31 Years

This is my last day of being 31 but shhh - don’t tell anyone - *whispers* I’m just masquerading as an adult until someone catches me and sends me to the naughty step! I suspect that everyone else is pretending as well but we’re all too scared to tell each other!

So I have collected 31 pieces of wisdom that have come to me over the past 31 years and 364 days which I will now share with you.

  1. It’s not bad people you should worry about but instead those that pretend to be good/nice/kind.
  2. A perm is very rarely a good idea.
  3. Life is better with a dog.
  4. Sometimes a hug is all you need.
  5. Your mum is capable of cheating at Scrabble. Be alert!
  6. Uisge beatha (pronounced oosh-gah bah-ha) is not a good name for a puppy.
  7. Watch where you’re walking when you’re wearing new shoes. Or just at any time really.
  8. Fuzzy socks will attract bees. Decide if you’re willing to risk it.
  9. Don’t laugh at people who think weather vanes and full moons are scary.
  10. You will eventually like coffee. And onions. Be patient.
  11. Never apologise for being you and liking what you like.
  12. Don’t let your thoughts and feelings be the only ones you don’t take into account.
  13. It’s okay to be scared of children.
  14. Don’t settle for someone you know isn’t right for you just so you’re not alone.
  15. Always take a jacket and a tissue with you.
  16. Wear the kind of underwear that your mum wouldn’t be embarrassed about if you got hit by a bus.
  17. Do what makes you happy.
  18. Eat chocolate.
  19. Don’t put yourself down. You’re awesome.
  20. Always keep your teddy bear near you for a hug.
  21. Take a nap when you need it - whatever age you are.
  22. Remember that everyone is going through something - a smile or a kind word from you might make life worth living for another day.
  23. On the other hand - some people are just mean. Walk away.
  24. No matter what size you are - you’re still the same person on the inside.
  25. I promise that things are going to get better. Don’t give up.
  26. Don’t pretend to be stupid just to fit in.
  27. If you feel like a fish out of water - find another pond. Your fish are waiting.
  28. Don’t feel obliged to do anything that you don’t want to do.
  29. It’s not time wasted to watch clips of cats, proposals or soldier homecomings on YouTube for hours. If you’ve had fun then it was worth it.
  30. Don’t leave changing your bed sheets to bedtime. There’s nothing worse than realising you can’t slip straight into bed.
  31. Laugh as much as you possibly can. Don’t worry if other people think you’re daft. “His bow tie made it look like he was being attacked by a bat.”


  1. What about "get your nose out of the cup"? :oD

    1. Oh and I'm disappointed that the iPad tells me when I "mis-spell" a word when I play/beat it at Scrabble! :oD :oD :oD

  2. I can add that in next year as it's so valid!

    If the word that you are "mis-spelling" is quiff then I give the iPad permission to tell you off each and every time!! :D


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