Sunday, 28 February 2016

Book Review: The Study of Seduction by Sabrina Jeffries

From the back of the book: Edwin Barlow, the Earl of Blakeborough, agrees to help his best friend's impetuous ward, Lady Clarissa Lindsey, in her time of need, he knows he's in for trouble. He's been hunting for someone to wed, and she'll just get in the way. Although captivated by the whip-smart, free-spirited beauty, he fears she'd be all wrong as a wife...if she would even take such a gruff cynic for her husband. Too bad he wants nothing more than to have her for his own.

Clarissa has no intention of marrying anyone - not Edwin, whom she's sure would be an overbearing husband, and certainly not the powerful French diplomat stalking her. But when matters escalate with the diplomat, she chooses Edwin's gallant offer of a marriage between friends in hopes that it will deter her stalker. She expects nothing more than an amiable union, but their increasingly tempestuous kisses prove more than she bargained for. When her stalker's vow to expose the lovers' deepest secrets threatens to destroy their blossoming attraction, will their tenuous bond withstand public ruin, or will Edwin lose all that's important to him to protect his bride?


I am a huge fan of Sabrina Jeffries - I don’t think there’s been one story of hers that I haven’t read and enjoyed. Oh, let's be truthful - I have a proper author girl-crush on her! Despite having all of her books to choose from, this book will definitely stay in my mind as one of her best to date.

This is the second book in the Sinful Suitors series (after Yvette and Jeremy’s story in "The Art of Sinning"). We were first introduced to Edwin, Clarissa and their basic character traits in that book. For fans of Jeffries’, Edwin is also known as he was the former fiancĂ© of Jane from "If The Viscount Falls" (Duke’s Men Book 4). Having said all that, there is absolutely no need to have read any of the preceding books before reading this one. Everything will make sense and I promise you won’t miss out on any pertinent details.

There’s nothing sexier in my book than a gruff, grumpy man who secretly has a heart of gold and an all consuming love and lust for his lady. Edwin actually went one better by having a sharp sense of humour to boot, which only Clarissa was able to bring out in him. Clarissa herself was sharp, smart and had layers enough to make her a very interesting and likeable character. Her past troubles made her vulnerable and I felt were dealt with realistically. It really made me feel for her.

Together, Edwin and Clarissa had such a palpable chemistry that it was so much fun to read. Clarissa seemed to excel at poking the grumpy bear that was Edwin and he just didn’t know how to deal with her. Except for kissing her, of course!

Overall, this is a witty, fun and sensual novel that will delight fans of a good historical romance. The characters are interesting, sexy and a pairing you can’t help but fall in love with. Sabrina Jeffries has really nailed this story. I can’t recommend this book more. A definite 5 stars.

(As an aside - does anyone else think that the hero on this cover looks like Leonard from The Big Bang Theory?)

5 stars.

* I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. No idea about him looking like Leonard as I have no idea who Leonard is as I've never watched the Big Bang thingy. I might have to borrow these books from you??

  2. If you're wondering what Leonard looks like then he looks like the dude on the book cover - only shorter!! ;)
    You should definitely borrow these books - I think you'll love them!


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