Sunday, 7 February 2016

Happy Birthday, Dad!

My lovely papa turned the grand old age of 61 years young yesterday.

Or, as I like to lovingly remind him, the start of his 62nd year!

We had presents… of course, but Dad ripped them open and whipped them away to use/play with before I could snap a picture!

There was coffee and scones at Lochend Farm.

Then the family was supposed to gather to eat, drink and laugh...but one of our crew (naming no names - Jason) got Man Flu and the gathering was postponed for 2 weeks!

But the rest of us sat down for a good tea of mince and tatties - Dad’s favourite! Followed by an orange cheesecake complete with candle and obligatory 'happy birthday' sing-song! Poor Tilly was terrified!

Now, in honour of my dear dad, here are some pics…

I always manage to drag him to places that I’m not sure he thinks are very sane to venture.

This, and many of my other quirks and, well, annoyances, leaves his usual expression around me something like this:

So, happy birthday to my dad! Hope you had a lovely day and that your 62nd year is the best one ever.

Love you!

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