Friday, 5 February 2016

Yay for grammar!

I have a confession - I am a grammar pedant without any real understanding of the rules and regulations of the English language.

Due to a woeful lack of decent English language education coupled with a previous teenage indifference to ‘how’ my language actually works - I am now left bereft of any real grammatical smarts. Which really sucks when trying to win an argument about how something is said.

And I find there are a lot of people to argue with these days. (I'm taking creative licence by starting by sentence with 'and' in case you're wondering!!)

However, I was tickled when I saw this on the news today.

It seems like it’s not just me who puts stock in good grammar.


The last time I did online dating I received a message from a man that said something along the lines of:


It’s unfair to ask if there are no decent men left who know how to construct a sentence…so I’ll instead ask ‘are there no decent men who want to date me that also know how to construct a sentence'?!

So this news story brought joy to my heart.

Happy infographic time!

Valentine's Day Grammar 2016 Infographic 

Now I just need to re-read this post a few hundred times to make very sure that I haven't made any grammatical errors!

As a final note - remember, folks - good grammar is sexy!


  1. Good grammar, no apostrophes in the wrong places and a lovely smile. What more does he need to have? Oh, maybe a dog? ;o)

  2. Tolerance? You may not have realised but I'm a wee bit crazy!! Ha ha ha!!


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