Friday, 7 February 2014

Being the main character...

I have felt like crying of late but it's in no way like the crying I did at my lowest point. With no job, I've been busying myself sorting out the material aspects of my life and having fun getting organised. It's been keeping me nice and busy as I take the time to get back to myself and find myself again.

It's strange that every now and again I feel tears threatening.

It bubbles up and I'm somewhat taken aback.

Probably more taken aback in that I'm feeling like crying because I'm happy.

I need to get a job as I don't have the money to continue being a lady of organisation and that is bound to put pressure on me in the very near future. However, the nightmares about my previous work have finally stopped and I find myself singing and thinking thoughts of planting tomatoes, baking and writing.

I'm happy.

It's such a mind-blowing thing. Why didn't I do this earlier?


  1. You sing? Maybe that's why Tilly is a nutcase!!! :oD

  2. Maybe that's why I'm a nutcase, too!! :D


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