Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Non V-Day Cookies...

As I mentioned previously, a fan of Valentine's Day I ain't.

Having said that... as one of my resolutions to enjoy my life, I decided to celebrate all of the holidays that I don't normally celebrate. Some, because I just haven't done so. And some because I have absolutely no right to be celebrating them (mainly because I'm not Mexican, Jewish, American and etc).

When I say celebrate, what I really mean is make some yummy food decorated in the style of the holiday in question. To me, there's something about food that brings people together and makes people happy. A lot of my happiest family memories go hand in hand with tasty treats.

All of the above is just an attempt to not come across like a hypocrite when I show you the crunchy, glittery cookies I made for Valentine's Day.

The cookies themselves are a simple, buttery, crunchy biscuit iced with a pinky red icing and some edible glitter. They were delish although they didn't last long unfortunately!!

I'm not really sure why I'm calling them cookies rather than biscuits. Adding a touch of glamour to the proceedings, perhaps?!

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  1. The ones you brought along to us didn't last long either. In fact, Dad and I nearly came to blows as to who got the last one. I won! :oD


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