Thursday, 13 February 2014

New Blog Header

I've been playing about with my blog header for a while now (which if you've visited more than once in the last week, you will realise was left in a state of disrepair as I couldn't be bothered to fire up my old computer and find more photos!).

But now it's done.

Ta da!

I thought it might be fun to explain the photos in the header...

Snowy Tree
I took this photo in my local park which is at the bottom of the street I live on. It was early morning and I had the whole park to myself as I trudged through the snow to my parents house. It was peaceful, beautiful and I snapped the photo on the spur of the moment so I was thrilled it came out so well. I decided to use this photo to remind me of the peace and tranquility you can find close by.


Double Biscuits
I enjoy baking and made these scrummy double biscuits at some point in the past. It's likely they didn't survive the day!


My Rosie. We had her for 10 years and I will love her forever.


I am a novice gardener and enjoy pottering about. There's something about these terracotta pots of herbs that sit on the steps outside my back door that make me happy.


Harewood House
This is Harewood House in Yorkshire. This place was amazing and I'm definitely going to set my romance novel here. Visiting historic places, especially houses, is something I very much enjoy.

Crazy Tilly. She's 13 weeks old as I write this and she's already changed my life so much!


I have so much craft stuff and it's definitely something that I want to do more of.

This is me! I'm sitting in a window seat, reading a romance and staring out onto the quiet countryside. This, to me, is bliss. Now, if only that was my house!!


Keep Calm
The last one is a hot steaming mug of tea (milk, no sugar, please) in a pretty mug. I'm chilling on my couch in my comfy trews while watching the TV. I'll bet there's a book not too far from me, either. Happiness.

So that's my header and what the photos represent. Hopefully they show what kind of things that I'll be blogging about here from now on!


  1. Thank you. :D I keep changing it even now as I doubt I'll ever be happy with it!! :D


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