Monday, 17 February 2014

The Great British Sewing Bee Returns...

It's time to sew, people!

I've always had the inclination and now that I have the time, the return of The Great British Sewing Bee tomorrow night is fantabulously well timed for me.

When I saw the advert saying series 2 was coming soon, I was tempted to immediately get on the phone or email to my mum to share the exciting news. Oh the excitement! Then I stopped, stepped back and realised that it was unlikely that anyone, mum especially, would appreciate being called or emailed by a half-crazed, over excited wannabe sewer, in the last half hour of the day. As it turns out, she was up too, but I wasn't taking the risk of wrath!

My second reaction was that I was excited once again to see what projects Stuart, Ann, Lauren and the rest would come up with this time. And... then I realised that the same people won't be there - it'll be shiny, new and unknown people this time. I'm both suspicious and intrigued - change must work to convince me that it's for good! ;)

So, what will this second series make me dust off and start sewing?

I have the pieces cut out for a pair of dark grey culottes. They got put onto the back burner (not really, that would be dangerous!) due to my inability to thread my previous sewing machine without inviting my mum over to my house to do it for me!

Then I got a scrumptious new sewing machine for my Christmas and we're good to go.

Here's my pretty sewing machine that will now be known as Lexi (she's an LX17!).

So now these lovely culottes will be mine to own and wear. I'll update you when I'm done (which should hopefully shame me into completing them sooner rather than later!).

Or perhaps I'll just watch the Great British Sewing Bee and sew vicariously through the contestants!


  1. Dig out Lexi and make those culottes. They're so comfy to wear - and easy to make to boot! :o)

  2. Easy for who? Lexi's awesome but my skills aren't quite that good!! I'll give it a go, though!! Wish me luck!


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