Tuesday, 11 February 2014

More Conversations with Tilly...

Just over six weeks in and things continue to be, well, strange regarding with my dealings with Tilly.

I find myself moving into the role of grown up - a real grown up - where I am the disciplinarian and the person that always says no. It's disconcerting and I feel rather like a giant stick in the mud. Is this what happens when you become a parent?

On the other hand, my mum and dad have taken on the role of "the indulgent ones" who spoil and rile Tilly up and send her back to me. I feel there might be some sort of payback going on here. It's definitely suspicious!

And there continue to be more conversations with Tilly of a strange and disturbing nature as evidenced below:

"Well, em, I really don't know what I'm supposed to say about this..."

Said to Tilly when I discovered all the heads of my snowdrops sitting neatly beside the pot of (now headless) snowdrops. All the while she looked at me with an expression that clearly said: Look what I did - are you proud? No. The answer is no, I'm not!

"Kindly stop licking the wall."

"Don't worry - it's just a prostitute!"

I had paused the telly during an episode of Cops and it just so happened to freeze frame on a *cough* lady of the night. In an appalling (yet hilariously well timed) twist of fate, the reason that I had paused the telly was because my sister had started a video chat with me and her face had just appeared onscreen. So, it may have appeared to some that I was referring to her. Oops!

"You really don't want to eat that."

Think of everything you wouldn't want to eat and things it's not possible to eat, and there's a good chance that I've said the above in reference to that object.

"Come out of the dishwasher."

No word of a lie - this has been said more than once! I'm talking full body in the dishwasher.

"It's okay, I don't like him either."

Said when Tilly ran inside in fear because my odd neighbour was being very noisy.

"If you eat him, he won't be there anymore."

Some wise words about life given to Tilly regarding the orange pony (who, like the pink pony, also no longer has a nose).

 "You're almost through to Australia, for crying out loud!"

Said in horror when I saw the extent of the hole Tilly was digging in the path.

No doubt more daft things will be said soon. I just wait for the day that she answers me back!


  1. Bwa ha ha. Payback feels great ... if your dog didn't chew me at every opportunity it would feel even better! :oD

  2. What I didn't tell you is that I'm training her to bite you folks!! Mwa ha ha! :D


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